Borrowing money in 2019: what can we expect financially?

Purchasing power will increase in 2019. That is good news.

Do you already have plans for the coming year such as a renovation, a new car or a new kitchen? Read more about what people will borrow money for in 2019.

Economic growth leads to growth in purchases

Economic growth

According to Bank Credit, almost everyone this year will benefit from the tax cuts, the increase in tax credits and the wage increases. Dual earners with above-average incomes benefit the most. They will soon have 128 euros more to spend per month. Now that we have more to spend, the willingness to finance among Dutch consumers has also risen.

As consumers, we spend more money, even money that we don’t have. The number of loans taken out is still increasing in recent years.

Main loan objectives 2019

Main loan objectives 2019

According to the ABC Financing Barometer, many major purchases were made in the past quarter for larger holiday trips and consumer electronics. For the coming year, this measurement shows that more than 61% of respondents expect to make a major purchase for a larger holiday trip, a renovation or refurbishment.

In addition, 17% of respondents expect to take out a loan for a car, caravan, motorcycle or boat. For these large expenditures, insufficient savings are available for many. A personal loan can then offer a solution.

With a personal loan it is possible to borrow an amount for a one-off expense. Such as a car or renovation of your house. It is also possible to merge your existing loan (s) or to transfer them for a lower interest rate. The term, the interest and the monthly amount are fixed for the entire term of the loan.

Which loan is the cheapest in 2019 and which credit is the cheapest?

Which loan is the cheapest in 2019 and which credit is the cheapest?

Which loan is best for you? First calculate the maximum responsible loan amount and, in addition, be well advised. With the National Credit Checker you can borrow carefree money at the lowest interest rates and the best loan conditions.